Born and raised in Greece, Viviana Delidaki is an experienced photographer, scuba diver, free-diver and animal rescuer.
Living in a small Greek town near Athens, minutes from the sea, there are plenty of opportunities for inspiration. Photographing local nature, either above or below the sea surface, traveling and creating still life projects in her home studio is how the photographer makes most of her images.
Most of her work in photography involves nature and the sea in some shape or form. Humans rarely appear in her work, except as body parts or through the effect they've had on nature and the things they've left behind.
Only exception to the "no people" rule are friends and family, which all play a crucial role to shaping the way this photographer sees the world, and therefore are owed a place in her photographic work.

Part of the photographer's work can be licensed through Arcangel Image Library (, as well as other stock image libraries, both Rights Managed and Royalty Free. If you are interested in these images, please use the contact page to get in touch.

Gear: Canon digital cameras, various Canon and Tokina lenses, Hugyfot underwater housing & Inon strobes, B+W filters.

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